Flato, Gillian wrote:
> She said that Madcap was creating a CMS first, and then it was going 
> to make Blaze and Flare DITA compatible. I told her that in my 
> opinion, that was a bad plan. They will never be competitive with 
> Frame until they do DITA, and no one is going to buy a CMS when they 
> can get Subversion and CVS for free so they would be better off doing 
> DITA now and the CMS later.
I have to agree. And for the CMS thing, just last night some of us in 
Development were joking about how *everybody* seems to be trying to make 
their own crappy CMS these days. How idiotic.

Will. Gaffga
Documentation Manager
Gibbs and Associates
Moorpark, CA USA

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