The other products in the MadCap lineup hint more at the CMS route (check
their press release pages).

Once they get those items in play it could be an interesting product set,
and personally I think they are right to take on Adobe, even if they are
falling short at the moment. Should keep Adobe on their toes (as well as the
other vendors). Personally I think the MadCap product suite will more
closely compete with AuthorIT but... hey, only time will tell.


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Sharon Burton, from MadCap, did a presentation at our last STC meeting. She
said that Blaze was for people who only did print publishing and Flare was
for print and help files etc. 

Both Blaze and Flare make you write in a topic-oriented way, yet it doesn't
do DITA. Sharon talked about all of the advantages of doing topic-oriented

I asked her why MadCap would make a product that doesn't do DITA when they
are trying to compete with Frame. I said that right now, with Frame 8, all I
had to do was flip it to structured and I had DITA, so moving to Blaze or
Flare was a step backward. She didn't really have an answer for me on that.

She said that Madcap was creating a CMS first, and then it was going to make
Blaze and Flare DITA compatible. I told her that in my opinion, that was a
bad plan. They will never be competitive with Frame until they do DITA, and
no one is going to buy a CMS when they can get Subversion and CVS for free
so they would be better off doing DITA now and the CMS later.

I don't know if she passed on what I said to the MadCap people but we'll

Thank you,

Gillian Flato
Technical Writer (Software)
1550 Buckeye Dr. 
Milpitas, CA. 95035
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Am 19.03.2008 um 17:05 schrieb Rick Henkel:

> Flare has more than Blaze. Kind of like   Flare : Blaze ::  
> Acrobat : Reader

They must have something up their sleeve... or why did they once position
Blaze as FrameMaker killer? You wouldn't expect a serious company to
exaggerate things like that, would you? Maybe I forgot, that in marketing
everything is allowed...

Well, FrameMaker is still listed two times on the Blaze website: As possible
import format and as output format (which would only be necessary if the
products own print layout capabilities are somewhat limited).

BTW, I am hesitant to install .NET 3.0 and enjoy your reports!

- Michael

Michael M?ller-Hillebrand: Dokumentations-Technologie Adobe Certified
Expert, FrameMaker L?sungen und Training, FrameScript, XML/XSL, Unicode
<> -- Tel. +49 (9131) 28747


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