I'd like to export my Frame book (easily) to one giant Word file, and I
haven't figured out how to do it other than one file at a time, then put
them back together by hand in Word.

I have many outside reviewers who need to review and add comments
electronically, and like it or not, Word is the lingua franca of most of the
world. My reviewers are fine that the pages look a little weird in the Frame
RTF export.

I've been researching the commenting features in Acrobat 8, and I keep
coming across this statement: "Commenting tools are only available in PDFs
that have commenting enabled." OK. but it looks as if I can't enable
commenting rights from the PDFs that come out of FM8's File > Save as PDF
feature (unless I'm missing something). I don't really want to buy full
Acrobat just for this feature.

Sending an enormous zip file of little Word documents isn't very efficient
for the reader on the other end.

There's no RTF option in File > Save Book As.


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