At the risk of confusing the issue, there seems to be a little bit of
conflicting information out there as to what exactly is required to
allow reviews with Adobe Reader.  From

Q. Can I mark up and review files in Adobe Reader?

A. Yes, if this functionality has been rights-enabled by the PDF author.
Adobe Acrobat or Adobe LiveCycle software lets PDF authors turn on
special commenting tools in Adobe Reader on a document-by-document
basis. This capability enables Adobe Reader 7.0 users to easily review
and mark up PDF files with a variety of commenting and markup tools. You
can add sticky notes; indicate text edits; and highlight, cross out, or
underline text. You can also add premade or dynamic stamps.

Q. Can I add comments to a PDF file with Adobe Reader?

A. PDF authors using Adobe LiveCycle(tm) enterprise server and design
software can activate special features in their documents that provide
additional functionality. These enabled Adobe PDF files allow people
with Adobe Reader to save the file to a local hard drive, fill out
forms, add comments and other markups, share it with others, and submit
a completed document electronically. In addition, Adobe PDF files can be
enabled to allow people to digitally sign, certify, and authenticate a

The first answer does _not_ specify that Acrobat Professional is
required to turn on the special commenting tools when the PDF is opened
in Adobe Reader.  The second answer is more specific, requiring "Acrobat
Professional or Adobe LiveCycle".  In either case, Acrobat Professional
will do the job...but depending on what you want your reviewers to do
with Adobe Reader, you _may_ be able to get by with a less expensive
version of Acrobat.  


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Thanks for input everyone. It seems that buying Acrobat Pro for the
feature is the most stable and the cheapest answer, and my Word-loving
reviewers will have to live with it. If I give them the choice of
one PDF file with comments vs. 32 separate Word files, they'll choose

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