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> Subject: Remove Overrides...doesn't
> I have an obnoxious master page that prompts me to Remove 
> Overrides every time I return to the body page. When I 
> receive the Page Layout Warning, I dutifully click "Remove 
> Overrides." I see no visible change in the document. When I 
> go back to the master page and return to the body page view, 
> I get the same error message. Nothing by way of explanation, 
> mind you. "Frame are not amused by your vile master page, 
> little man. Remedy it at once, and trouble us not for explanation!"
> Have any of you encountered/conquered this one in your 
> Framely peregrinations?

Encountered? Yes. Conquered? No. Like you, I just say to remove
overrides every time, and every time nothing seems to happen.

So at least know that you aren't alone, and you won't be the only one
happy to see the answer.

"Let what comes, come,
Let what goes, go,
Find out what remains."
Sri Ramana Maharshi

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