Stuart Rogers wrote:

> Here's a possible explanation for the appearance of your duplicate
> frames (as well as other accidentally duplicated items):
> Holding down the CTRL key changes the pointer from the solid "smart
> select" arrow to the hollow "select object" arrow.  (These are the top
> two tools on the graphics tool palette.)  Smart Select selects either
> text or objects depending on proximity; Select Object does not select
> text.
> You must use the Select Object tool to select your main text frame,
> it's convenient to toggle to it by holding CTRL when selecting (rather
> than explicitly choosing the tool from the palette).  However,
> *dragging* a frame or other object while holding down CTRL creates a
> duplicate of the selection, and moves that, not the original.

By golly, I think that was it! 

> So if you have a slight wrist-stutter when you CTRL-click a text
> you can end up with a duplicate, perfectly overlaid on your main flow
> frame, and thus the problems you have described.

And if you have a serious caffeine addiction (as I do), a slight
wrist-stutter is not unlikely. :-) It would probably happen to me much
more often, except that I almost never have any reason to select the
text frame on a body page. Thanks for the excellent diagnosis. 

And Happy Friday, all!


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