Stuart is right.  I have done it several times. Sometimes I catch it,
sometimes not. It's really strange to edit some text on the page and see the
original text still there as well. But resizing or moving the main text
frame on the page reveals the original text frame underneath.

The Ctrl-click-drag works on more than just text frames.  I've had it happen
on graphics frames and all types of graphic objects. Sometimes it's a nice
shortcut but mostly it's a pain in the ....... neck.  :-)

Is there any way to turn the feature on and off?

Diane Gaskill
Hitachi Data Systems

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Here's a possible explanation for the appearance of your duplicate
frames (as well as other accidentally duplicated items):

Holding down the CTRL key changes the pointer from the solid "smart
select" arrow to the hollow "select object" arrow.  (These are the top
two tools on the graphics tool palette.)  Smart Select selects either
text or objects depending on proximity; Select Object does not select text.

You must use the Select Object tool to select your main text frame, and
it's convenient to toggle to it by holding CTRL when selecting (rather
than explicitly choosing the tool from the palette).  However,
*dragging* a frame or other object while holding down CTRL creates a
duplicate of the selection, and moves that, not the original.

So if you have a slight wrist-stutter when you CTRL-click a text frame,
you can end up with a duplicate, perfectly overlaid on your main flow
frame, and thus the problems you have described.

Learned from sad experience ;-)

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