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>> Set all other attributes of the character style to As Is. This is
>> easiest to do when the cursor is not in a text frame.
> Hmmm ... yes, but that is already the situation that I have - all *other* 
> attributes are already "As Is". So, I don't understand your response per se! 
> Can you elaborate, please?
> To iterate (in case I was not clear - my apologies): what I want to do is 
> have a *single* Character tag (called "Emphasis"), that *automatically* makes 
> the selected text Italic in paragraphs that have a default font that is 
> Regular, and makes the selected text Regular (non-Italic) in paragraphs that 
> have a default font that is Italic.

You'll need to use Find to locate and select instances of the
character tag you want to remove, then manually apply Default
Paragraph Font from the Character Format Catalog, then manually apply
the character format you want.

While a FM character format can apply specific font properties to
selected text, it can't "unapply" character properties - whether
applied by a named character format, or applied as an override. "As
Is" means "do not change;" it would be great if FM offered a "Restore
Default Paragraph Font" feature.

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