Please be careful wrt/ EBay software "purchases" - a large percentage
of what is hawked on EBay is either pirated or stolen goods. Pirated
includes simply copying disks and giving you the serial number as well
as massive CD duplication efforts. In some cases what is being "sold"
is a copy of a package that already has been upgraded and not eligible
to be legally transferred to someone else. Before bidding on such an
item, get proof that it is indeed a legal copy that can be legally
transferred. Such information could be obtained from Adobe Customer
Support given a name and serial number.

        - Dov

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> From: Peter Courlis
> Sent: Thursday, May 15, 2008 6:54 AM
> Good Morning,
> I want to learn more about Framemaker,
> I have Ver. 5.5 and have fooled with that but
> need more experience...
> The prices of the latest version scare me, unless
> I had a contract or revenue input from writing...
> Recognizing that ver. 5.5 has basic functionality,
> what would be a next step?
> Is it worth searching EBay for ver. 6.0 or try
> to find ver. 7.1 at a reasonable price?
> On occasion, I find late versions of "Upgrade" packages
> available on EBay... Would some version of Upgrade 7.0
> (or 7.1) bring my ver. 5.5 up to the next current level?
> The recent List discussion on Jahred's "Beyond the Basics"
> has stirred my curiosity,  therefore I have found a copy
> of that text to read and review...
> Any comments appreciated
> A (latent) newbie Writer.
> -pc

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