Hi, all.

I have a Character tag called "Emphasis" that does the obvious thing for
words/letters in "Body" paragraphs ... the default body font is Palatino
Linotype and the Emphasis tag changes it to Italic!

I have another Paragraph called "Note" that uses Italicized text to
begin with (still in Palatino Linotype). For these, I have another
Character tag called "EmpBody" that is Regular Palatino Linotype and I
manually use where I need it.

So far, so good! But ... the problem arises when I change a paragraph
from "Body" to "Note", I have to run around and find all the "Emphasis"
text and change it to "EmpBody". Sigh ...

My question: is there any way in FM8 to define *ONE* Character format
called "Emphasis" such that it makes the emphasized text be Italic when
the underlying default font is Regular, and vice-versa? Then I could use
a single Character format and not worry about this issue after making
this kind of paragraph change!


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