That sounds about right to me. In the DITA world, "round-tripping" might 
mean that you could write your document in Frame, export it to XML, edit 
the XML in some other editor, then bring it back into Frame with the 
edits intact.

Single-sourcing, on the other hand, is a one-way operation where you 
create all your content in one place and then render it in various 
formats, possibly using conditional controls to vary the content 
included in each format.

Deirdre Reagan wrote:
> As I have no idea what this conversation is about (great way to open a
> discussion in which I offer my thoughts!), I googled "round-trip" and
> the Wikipedia definition says something along the lines of (no, wait,
> it's actually a direct quote):
> "The term round-trip is commonly used in document conversion
> particularly involving markup languages such as XML and SGML. A
> successful round-trip consists of converting a document in format A
> (docA) to one in format B (docB) and then back again to format A
> (docA′). If docA and docA′ are identical then there has been no
> information loss and the round-trip has been successful. More
> generally it means converting from any data representation and back
> again, including from one data structure to another."
> Have I added anything to the conversation?  Or have I just told you
> what you already know?
> Dying to sit at the grown-ups table,
> Deirdre
> On 5/21/08, Kelly McDaniel <kmcdaniel at> wrote:
>> IMHO roundtrip means: With two or more applications, changes made to a
>> project in one application are reflected in both, and it implies that
>> each application offers some exclusive functionality, and that there is
>> some translation of some sort that transpires between the applications
>> so that the changes reflected in the "other" application are rendered in
>> that application's native method.
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