I would:
d) Buy the current Adobe Technical Communicator Suite, just a $900 upgrade with 
ANY previous license for FM or RH.

...because the new RH and FM8 work together seamlessly. As I understand it, you 
don't have to roundtrip stuff back and forth through MIF anymore. You just set 
up your RH template, point it to the FM source, make all your edits in FM, and 
as the content evolves in FM, so does your Help output. Just regenerate the RH 
project as needed.


 Rene L. Stephenson

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Hi All,

Competent in Framemaker but new to Robohelp, with the following question:

If you had to design roundtrip documentation and help (Framemaker/Robohelp) for 
a constantly evolving product, would you:

a) begin in Framemaker and export to Robohelp
b) begin in Robohelp and export to Framemaker
c) prototype in both and iterate as you go

Certainly interested in tools integration war stories from the battlefront, but 
even more interested in the information design perspective...

...potential benefits of the chunking constraint of starting with help first 
(to keep the user guide tight), vs. needing to hammer down expanded user guide 
content into help topics.

Any and all opinions most welcome!


Ben Hechter
Vancouver BC

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