Dear Edwin,

the usual process (for translation using Trados Workbench or TagEditor, I do 
not know about SDL Edit) is:

1. save .fm as .mif
2. convert .mif to .rtf (for translation using Trados Workbench) or to .ttx 
(translation using TagEditor) via the STagger for FrameMaker filter. You should 
end up with as many .rtf or .ttx as source documents + an ancillary file 
(containing template information etc.)
3. translate your doc using Trados Workbench or TagEditor.
4. Backconvert to .mif using STagger for FrameMaker
5. Save your .mif as .fm and check that the layout, Xrefs, etc are OK (basic QA 

Mathieu.> Subject: sdl trados and FM (translation)> To: framers at> From: ETudsbery at> Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2008 
15:48:52 +0200> > > Hello,> > I am familiar with FrameMaker but not with SDL 
Trados. I am trying to> translate some documents into French with SDL Edit, 
which allows *.mif> files as input. When I start a new translation, I select 
the *.mif file,> and then it creates four intermediarary *.itd files (one for 
the text, one> for x-refs, one for index entries, one for variables and number 
formats. My> question is that when I translate these four documents and 
reexport them to> mif, I end up with four documents. Is there some way to 
re-import my> translated index entries, variable entries, and numbering formats 
back into> my main document?> > thanks,> > Edwin Tudsbery> > > > 
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