Hi Edwin,

I work with SDL on a regular basis.  I am copying this reply and your
messaage to an engineer friend of mine inside SDL in Ireland.  I am sure he
will either be able to provide the answer or point me to someone who does.
It will be Monday or Tuesday before I hear back from him though.

Meanwhile, which version of Trados are you using?

Diane Gaskill
Hitachi Data Systems

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I am familiar with FrameMaker but not with SDL Trados. I am trying to
translate some documents into French with SDL Edit, which allows *.mif
files as input. When I start a new translation, I select the *.mif file,
and then it creates four intermediarary *.itd files (one for the text, one
for x-refs, one for index entries, one for variables and number formats. My
question is that when I translate these four documents and reexport them to
mif, I end up with four documents. Is there some way to re-import my
translated index entries, variable entries, and numbering formats back into
my main document?


Edwin Tudsbery

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