Hi all:

FM 8.0, Windows XP.

A specific question here, but feel free to philosophize about the
nature of disconnected and connected pages in general.  I'm happy to

In my document, when I attempt to connect two text frames, I get a
message that says "Ok to use a text frame that isn't visible?"


What does that message mean?


How would I find a text frame that isn't visible?  Why would I ever
use a text frame that isn't visible?

Why does FM use disconnected pages as the default?

How come sometimes when I add a disconnected page, one of my figures
jumps to the end of the document and the table ends up split between
two other figures?

Can a text frame within a text frame be connected to the text frame
it's within? (I'm using white text to force a TOC entry -- the text
frame is usually on its own page, but not in this case, so I cut and
pasted the text frame into another text frame -- I guess I could have
just typed the white text into the existing text frame.  I didn't
think of that until right now.  Anyhow, I'd still like to know.)

How come sometimes when I add rows to my table, FM automatically adds
a new page, but other times, the new rows disappear until I add a page
and connect it to the table page?  Does it have anything to do with
using Left / Right Master pages versus Custom Left and Custom Right
master pages?

I could go on, but I imagine you all have jobs you need to do.

Sprightly yours,


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