if you have a paragraph tag (for example "anchor") that is very very
small (like 2 point font) and it is set to start at the top of a page,
adding a paragraph with that tag will automatically create a new page
and let you add the anchored frame on the new page ....

To me, that sounds like what you want for your multiple images under one
Figure title.

On Monday, October 20, 2008 16:12, Deirdre Reagan wrote:

| Thanks Lester:
| I just right-clicked my text frame and checked object properties --
| the autoconnect box is selected.
| How can I add a page that isn't a disconnected page?  The only way I
| know how to add pages is to keep hitting return until a new page shows
| up, or go to Special > Add Disconnected Page.
| Is there some option I should be clicking to make my menu option read
| Special > Add Connected Page?
| Thanks!
| Deirdre

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