My own experience with connecting text frames where one isn't visible is when I 
have a frame with special text of some kind on one page, and then create an 
empty frame on another page down the line and need the text from the first 
frame to continue into the frame on the latter page.

For instance, a story on page 1 of your newspaper that continues inside the 
newspaper would use this feature. In this case, here's what I do (and it does 
work for me):

1. Create a text frame on the current page and import the text into that frame.

2. Navigate to the page where the story should continue and create a text frame 
(it doesn't matter what size) on that page.

3. Return to the frame on the page where the text starts and click on that 
frame to highlight the grab handles.

4. Navigate to the page where the new text frame is located and click on that 
frame to highlight the grab handles.

5. Click on the Format pull-down, then select Customize layout, then select 
Connect text frames and answer in the affirmative to "Ok to use a text frame 
that isn't visible?".

The overflow text from the first text frame (which is on the earlier, 
nonvisible page) now flows into the visible text frame on the current page.

Like I said, this works for me.

-- Kenpo in Atlanta

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> Hi all: 
> FM 8.0, Windows XP. 
> A specific question here, but feel free to philosophize about the 
> nature of disconnected and connected pages in general. I'm happy to 
> learn. 
> In my document, when I attempt to connect two text frames, I get a 
> message that says "Ok to use a text frame that isn't visible?" 
> What does that message mean? 
> How would I find a text frame that isn't visible? Why would I ever 
> use a text frame that isn't visible? 
> Why does FM use disconnected pages as the default? 
> How come sometimes when I add a disconnected page, one of my figures 
> jumps to the end of the document and the table ends up split between 
> two other figures? 
> Can a text frame within a text frame be connected to the text frame 
> it's within? (I'm using white text to force a TOC entry -- the text 
> frame is usually on its own page, but not in this case, so I cut and 
> pasted the text frame into another text frame -- I guess I could have 
> just typed the white text into the existing text frame. I didn't 
> think of that until right now. Anyhow, I'd still like to know.) 
> How come sometimes when I add rows to my table, FM automatically adds 
> a new page, but other times, the new rows disappear until I add a page 
> and connect it to the table page? Does it have anything to do with 
> using Left / Right Master pages versus Custom Left and Custom Right 
> master pages? 
> I could go on, but I imagine you all have jobs you need to do. 
> Sprightly yours, 
> Deirdre 
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