Hi Richard:

Thanks for this input -- you've helped me learn some things.

I do need to have an anchored frame that is larger than the
illustration I'm importing.

However, I see that I can just choose "Below Current Line" for my
anchored frame, and it automtically jumps to a new page. And the table
below it automatically jumps to its own page.



On 10/20/08, Combs, Richard <richard.combs at polycom.com> wrote:
> Deirdre Reagan wrote:
> > How can I add a page that isn't a disconnected page?  The only way I
> > know how to add pages is to keep hitting return until a new page shows
> > up, or go to Special > Add Disconnected Page.
> >
> > Is there some option I should be clicking to make my menu option read
> > Special > Add Connected Page?
> I think you're fundamentally misunderstanding how FM works and trying to
> use it as a page-layout program like Quark or PageMaker.
> There is no Add Connected Page command because you should never add
> pages. You just add _content_, and FM creates additional pages
> automatically to hold it.
> Your illustrations should be inserted into the (autoconnected) text
> flow, not put on separate pages. When you reach the end of the last
> paragraph before an illustration, hit Enter to make a new paragraph, and
> then select File > Import > File and import your illustration. FM will
> create an anchored frame (anchored at the text cursor location) to hold
> the illustration. If you want the figure caption below the figure, hit
> Enter again, make the new pgf your figure caption pgf.
> There's more to it (Keep With settings, whether to define a dedicated
> figure anchor pgf, etc.), but that's the basic idea. Don't add pages!
> Let FM do that for you.
> (If you have, or can get, Adobe's Classroom in a Book for FM, working
> through that will teach you a lot of these basic concepts of how FM
> works and how to work with it instead of against it.
> HTH!
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