Esteemed Framers,

I have a problem I am hoping someone can help me solve. I have searched
the Frame documentation to no avail. I do not have time to search
through all the archives for this list; so please forgive if the info is
there (which I rather doubt).

I have a set of templates that I inherited. I want to use the Heading 2
paragraph style in a running header. Unfortunately, the paragraph style
is actually named "Heading 2,H2", which confuses FrameMaker when
encountered in a system variable paragraph tag <$paratext[Heading
2,H2]>. Frame thinks it is a multiple style reference because of the
comma. That much I have learned from the documentation. 

The question is, short of renaming the paragraph style (which is not
really an option for us), is there any way to get Frame to recognized
this as a single paragraph style in a paragraph tag for a running

Please reply to me directly, as I am on digest. 

TIA for whatever help anyone can give me!

Chuck Beck

Sr. Technical Writer | Infor | Office: 614.523.7302 |
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