Thanks to all who've responded so far. Since I'm getting a fair number of 
duplicate questions, I'll respond to the group. 

First, although I neglected to mention it in my first post, I tried enclosing 
the style name in both single and double quotes. No go. I tried prefacing the 
comma with a backslash as Michael suggests here. No dice. I tried leaving it 
out altogether. Nothing. 

The reason that changing the paragraph style name does not (at least) appear to 
be an option is that we have a couple dozen publications, each consisting of 
multiple chapter files, TOC file, index file, etc. We simply don't have time to 
go through and clean up each file with the new paragraph style names. 

I am aware of several cleanup tools that allow you to clean up an entire file 
at once, but I am under the impression that you still have to go through each 
file one at a time. If I am mistaken in that impression, I would happily be 
corrected. *Is* there a tool out there that would allows us to do batch changes 
of selected paragraph style names, at least at the book level? That is the only 
way, I fear, that we would have time to undertake the change. 


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Have you tried putting a backslash in front of the comma to 'escape'  
the special function fo the entry separator?

- Michael

Am 27.10.2008 um 16:56 schrieb Charles Beck:

> Esteemed Framers,
> I have a problem I am hoping someone can help me solve. I have 
> searched the Frame documentation to no avail. I do not have time to 
> search through all the archives for this list; so please forgive if 
> the info is there (which I rather doubt).
> I have a set of templates that I inherited. I want to use the Heading 
> 2 paragraph style in a running header. Unfortunately, the paragraph 
> style is actually named "Heading 2,H2", which confuses FrameMaker when 
> encountered in a system variable paragraph tag <$paratext[Heading 
> 2,H2]>. Frame thinks it is a multiple style reference because of the 
> comma. That much I have learned from the documentation.
> The question is, short of renaming the paragraph style (which is not 
> really an option for us), is there any way to get Frame to recognized 
> this as a single paragraph style in a paragraph tag for a running 
> header?
> Please reply to me directly, as I am on digest.
> TIA for whatever help anyone can give me!
> Chuck Beck

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