Charles Beck wrote:

> I have a set of templates that I inherited. I want to use the Heading
> paragraph style in a running header. Unfortunately, the paragraph
> is actually named "Heading 2,H2", which confuses FrameMaker when
> encountered in a system variable paragraph tag <$paratext[Heading
> 2,H2]>. Frame thinks it is a multiple style reference because of the
> comma. That much I have learned from the documentation.
> The question is, short of renaming the paragraph style (which is not
> really an option for us), is there any way to get Frame to recognized
> this as a single paragraph style in a paragraph tag for a running
> header?

I'm guessing these templates either began life in Word or were created
by someone more familiar with Word than FM -- this is a common naming
convention in Word templates. IIRC, Word recognizes the parts on either
side of the comma as alternative names, so the "H2" part makes keyboard
tagging easier. (It's been more than a decade since I did any serious
work in Word, so I may be misremembering the reason, but I'm sure it's a
Word-type tag name.)

In any case, this naming convention serves no useful purpose in FM, and
you've now discovered a fairly significant drawback. So why isn't
changing it an option? 


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