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> It will not help you, but the pgf format name is not well chosen
> anyway: Using "H2 Heading2" would have anabled easy access to the
> format using the Ctrl+9 (or F9) shortcut to select pgf formats from
> the status area. But of course, the original designer would have
> chosen "H2, Heading2"... :-(

I agree that the name isn't well chosen. But I don't think the "H2 Heading2" 
convention is particularly helpful. 

When you use F9 to apply pgf tags (or F8 for char tags), you can cycle through 
the tags beginning with a letter by pressing it repeatedly. Assuming that 
Heading1 is the first pgf in the catalog beginning with H, you can apply it by 
pressing F9 h <Enter>. To apply Heading2, press F9 h h <Enter>; Heading3, F9 h 
h h <Enter>; etc. 

Very little is gained (at least for the first few headings) by adding an 
H1/H2/H3/... prefix. And if other tags begin with H, you lose the ability to 
find all headings and only headings by searching for Head* (with Whole Word and 
Use Wildcards selected. 

When designing a template, you can make keyboard tagging much easier by giving 
some thought to your tag names. For instance, don't name anything to come 
before Body (that way, F9 <Enter> applies it), start only your heading tags 
with H, and avoid having too many tags begin with the same letter. 

IMHO, YMMV, etc. 


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