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>>> Hello fellow FrameManiacs,
>>> Does anyone know of an application  that converts MIF to XML and/or
>>> SGML,  besides the Maximus application made by Xorba inc? I hear that
>>> the company is defunct, so I have to find and alternative.
>>> We have an older copy of Maximus that is quite buggy. If we could find a
>>> copy of the latest source code, we could fix the bugs and use Max until
>>> we find something else.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Darren
>> I have a really hard time imagining that this would interest you (aimed at
>> a different market based on wild assumptions I'm making about your assumed
>> Maximus source code availability), but PTC (who acquired Arbortext, the
>> "brand") has an import/export product that supports, among many other
>> things, the conversion from FrameMaker (MIF) to XML. Here they have it
>> attached to a server product (Publishing Engine), but I know it is also
>> executable on an enabled client from a GUI or the command line.
>> http://ptc.com/products/arbortext/publishing-engine/product-capabilities.htm
>> If you're converting thousands of pages, probably not going to be
>> interesting unless you are already an Arbortext shop. Get deep into the
>> hundreds of thousands ... maybe. Into the millions? Then the software (and
>> potential service costs) start to fade out as inhibitors depending on your
>> requirements.
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