Thanx to you both for the info!


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I wouldn't advise anyone to use MSXML. It's a proprietary format. I 
know, that's an oxymoron in conjunction with XML in general, but it's 
true. Add to that Microsoft's penchant for adding extraneous, 
gratuitous, and bloated code to it's conversion output and it would 
seem counter-productive going that route.


At 9:40 AM -0400 9/3/08, Rick Quatro wrote:
>Hi Darren,
>I think Scott Prentice has an application that does this; check
> You could also use FrameScript and MSXML to
>directly from FrameMaker to XML, bypassing MIF altogether. If you are
>interested in this approach, please contact me offlist. Thanks.
>Rick Quatro
>Carmen Publishing Inc

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