You have more confidence in Microsoft than I do then.


At 10:16 AM -0400 9/4/08, martin.smith at wrote:
>Hi all,
>Rick isn't talking about using the Word XML document format in this 
>case. He is talking about using the MSXML Active X control that is 
>built into windows.
>FrameScript can pass instructions to this control, which opens up the 
>ability to generate custom XML directly from FrameMaker, as well as to 
>perform operations using XPath and XQuery. You can also use the 
>control to reconstruct FrameMaker documents from XML.
>I personally use the MSXML control to produce XML-based embedded help 
>systems for database-driven, web-based applications. FrameScript 
>enables me to encode select elements of a structured document in XML, 
>perform XSL transforms, and push the XML directly into an Oracle 
>Best regards,
>Martin R. Smith

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