does a 100% conversion from MIF to XML. I used it to mass change  
unstructured FrameMaker documents to custom XML using MIFML as the  
starting point, followed by quite a bit of custom XSL stylesheets.

- Michael M?ller-Hillebrand

On Wed, Sep 3, 2008 at 9:37 AM, Butler, Darren J CTR USAF AFMC 584
CBSS/GBHAC <Darren.Butler.ctr at> wrote:
> Hello fellow FrameManiacs,
> Does anyone know of an application  that converts MIF to XML and/or
> SGML,  besides the Maximus application made by Xorba inc? I hear that
> the company is defunct, so I have to find and alternative.
> We have an older copy of Maximus that is quite buggy. If we could  
> find a
> copy of the latest source code, we could fix the bugs and use Max  
> until
> we find something else.

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