Hi David,

I assume you are working with unstructured FrameMaker. Apparently, when you 
removed the heading, you did not remove the Cross-Ref marker that was in the 
heading paragraph. The marker ended up in the hearby heading. Thus, the 
cross-reference was not unresolved, but still pointed to that marker.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing Inc

> Generally I sing the praises about how much more stable Frame's
> cross-references are than Word.
> I just had a really odd occurrence, though, which I need to understand.
> I removed a heading which was the link destination of several
> cross-references.
> When I searched for broken cross-references, none were found.
> Instead the cross-reference retained it's old label (expected) but
> linked to a nearby heading instead.
> This is obviously dangerous.
> Any ideas about what could cause this and how to prevent it?
> David Kuhn
> Technical Writer, PBG
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