David Kuhn wrote: 

> I removed a heading which was the link destination of several
> cross-references.
> When I searched for broken cross-references, none were found.
> Instead the cross-reference retained it's old label (expected) but
> linked to a nearby heading instead.
> This is obviously dangerous.
> Any ideas about what could cause this and how to prevent it?

By "nearby," you mean adjacent, right? Rick explained about the marker,
but permit me to make a larger point. 

I'll bet dollars to doughnuts that the reason you didn't know about the
marker is because you work with View > Text Symbols turned off. Many
Framers seem to work that way. 

*That*, IMHO, is obviously dangerous. It's far too easy to delete
something you didn't intend to -- or, as in your case, fail to delete
something you did intend to. 

I can't _imagine_ editing without being able to see everything I'm
editing (x-ref markers, index markers, pilcrows, etc). The only time I
turn off Text Symbols and Borders (with one click, thanks to my
Microtype-enhanced toolbar) is when I want to see how the page will look
when printed/PDFed.

"It's my opinion and it's very true." ;-)


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