I do actually work with Text Symbols showing except, as you do, for a
Print preview. (I suppose it's possible that I couldn't resist an edit
in this mode, however.)

The cross-reference markers tend to overlap the first character in a
heading and I find it very difficult to believe that I selected the
section and text under it, but missed the marker. Though it must have
happened as a fluke of cursor positioning. 

But even with the text symbols showing, this would have been difficult
to see, a marker that overlaps a character jumping to the next heading.

I do have a larger issue, though with the symbols. 
Sometimes I find it very difficult to tell what they are doing there.
The upside down T is conditional text.
The right-side up T is a cross-reference marker.
(I forget about the index.)
But other than that, aren't there some additional functions of markers
in which the same symbol can be used for different things?
How do you distinguish?

There was a document that I couldn't identify what purpose particular
markers served. The writer decided, then, to delete all the markers in
the document. I couldn't believe it (even more that he reported no
problems with cross-references afterward.)

In short, is there a way to select a marker and find out what it is

David Kuhn
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David Kuhn wrote: 

> I removed a heading which was the link destination of several
> cross-references.
> When I searched for broken cross-references, none were found.
> Instead the cross-reference retained it's old label (expected) but
> linked to a nearby heading instead.
> This is obviously dangerous.
> Any ideas about what could cause this and how to prevent it?

By "nearby," you mean adjacent, right? Rick explained about the marker,
but permit me to make a larger point. 

I'll bet dollars to doughnuts that the reason you didn't know about the
marker is because you work with View > Text Symbols turned off. Many
Framers seem to work that way. 

*That*, IMHO, is obviously dangerous. It's far too easy to delete
something you didn't intend to -- or, as in your case, fail to delete
something you did intend to. 

I can't _imagine_ editing without being able to see everything I'm
editing (x-ref markers, index markers, pilcrows, etc). The only time I
turn off Text Symbols and Borders (with one click, thanks to my
Microtype-enhanced toolbar) is when I want to see how the page will look
when printed/PDFed.

"It's my opinion and it's very true." ;-)


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