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>Jeremy, do you really mean it? I would be thrilled. 

Of course I mean it!  The next two posts will contain 
the password and download instructions.  (But we won't
CC the list with those, sorry folks!  If you're an
unemployed TW, or an underemployed consultant, write
to <offer at omsys.com> with subject Mif2Go and you can
get one too.  We've been doing that for years.  ;-)

>I think I could convince them to accept it. I think.

They'd be fools not to agree to something that would 
save them a lot of money (for your extra time).  But we
already knew that about them.  So you can always *tell* 
them you used WWP and did some "cleanup", and bill them
accordingly, then use Mif2Go and do it all in an hour.
When they have the group secretary do the next update,
to save more money, they will find out what they were
demanding.  Perhaps.  ;-)

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