Sometimes it takes my system several minutes just to delete a 2KB file 
using Windows Explorer. I assume that the registry is being updated in 
hundreds of places.

John Hedtke wrote:
> I'd find that utterly believable.  I'm sure that my registry is full 
> of junk.  I've been thinking about doing a system reload and 
> reinstall for months, but I also know that it takes about 40-50 hours 
> of productive time to get the box back to the state I'd 
> wanted--reloading and reconfiguring all the programs--and I haven't 
> found a good window to do it in.
> Thanks! :)
> At 07:28 AM 4/22/2009, quills at wrote:
>> I would say that it's more common to the operating system. The more 
>> you have going on in your background the more time Windows takes to 
>> do installs. And my experience has always been for long install 
>> times on Windows. I believe it to be a function of how the OS is 
>> structured and the registry.
>> Scott
>> John Hedtke wrote:
>>> I just re-installed Acrobat 9.0 Pro Extended off the Adobe TCS 2.0 
>>> and it took very close to two hours.  Nope, nothing special, but 
>>> the histogram just s-l-o-w-l-y crawled across the screen and a mere 
>>> two hours later, it seemed to be done.
>>> Is this normal for Acrobat 9.0 or for the Tech Comm Suite 2.0?  I 
>>> have no way of knowing and there's no telling what Adobe may 
>>> consider acceptable.  Thoughts?
>>> Yours truly,
>>> John Hedtke
>>> Author/Consultant/Contract Writer
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