Version: FM9
OS: XP Pro with SP3

I'm new to FrameMaker and am having problems setting up my Glossary.

I am trying to create a 2 column setup on each page with 5 mm separating the 

The column entries are alphabetical and I want to have the left column 
automatically flow to the right column once it is full. And when the right 
column is full, I want it to auto-flow to the left column on the next page, etc.

I don't care if the side-by-side columns on each page are balanced at the 
bottom of the page, however, I would like the last page to split whatever 
content they contain between the columns. Again, the last lines don't have to 
be exactly balanced, but the content should be approximately balanced between 
the 2 columns.

I can figure out how to get this on one page, but I don't know how to get it to 
flow to the next page.

Does this explanation make sense to people? If so, does anyone have any 


FYI: Other than an Appendix title and the headers and footers, these columns 
will be this book file's only content.

Also, I can send a PDF of what I mean if that would clarify things for anyone.

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