Hi Framers,

Very strange behavior in Acrobat.  Looking for a cause and a cure.

Environment:  WinXP PRo, FM8, Acrobat8 Pro.
Customer environment: Reader 7 (platform probably XP Pro)

We create our PDFs using Save As PDF in FM8.  Acrobat 8 Pro was installed
after FM8, so Save as PDF is therefore using the Distiller (Adobe PDF)
version that is installed with Acrobat.  We set the PDF version to Acrobat
5.0 or later, to ensure that even customers with older versions of Acrobat
can open the file.

A few of our customers still have Reader 7 installed, and some are reporting
an unusual problem with the PDF files.  When viewed with Reader 7, email
addresses in the PDFs are truncated and the links do not work.  However they
display correctly and the links work correctly in Acrobat 8.  We cannot
check, because as you know, we cannot have multiple versions of Acrobat
installed at the same time.

Have any of you seen this problem, and if so, know what causes it?

Diane Gaskill
Hitachi Data Systems

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