You don't specifically say so, but I'm guessing your problem files are
In the book file. Book file pagination settings always trump component
file settings.  So if the files are in a book the pagination of any
given file is affected by the file following it, in particular the
starting page. And that's probably what you're missing.

This means that if your Chapter 1 has one page and you set it to
Delete empty pages in the book file, but the Chapter 2 file is set to
start on a right-hand page, a filler page is likely to be inserted
into Chapter 1 so that Chapter 2 can start on a right-hand page.

In the book file,  I would guess all or most of the files are still
set to start on a right-hand page rather than "Any" or "Next

Other possibilities are hidden text or text frames and a few other
things, but those are less likely than the pagination settings.

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On Wed, Aug 19, 2009 at 2:47 PM, Kelly McDaniel<kmcdaniel at> wrote:
> I cannot get Delete Empty Pages to stick. In other words, I'd like to
> set it and whenever FM encounters an empty page, don't print it, don't
> include it in file saves. I've tried each possible iteration. I've
> followed No Joy.
> Is this expected behavior? (I mean by design, not by "FrameMaker just
> does that." :-)
> Is there a Framescript fix?
> I'm a well-experienced user, feeling stupid...Kelly.
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