I tried Visio this morning and wasn't happy with the quality - but it was a 
rush job creating the Visio file on someone else's computer (I don't have a 
copy of Visio yet) and then playing with it in FrameMaker.

What format do you recommend for the original image? I had to quickly save my 
original EPS to another format so I tried both PNG and TIF, then saved the 
resulting Visio file as a PNG and a TIF and imported them both as linked files 
(which I believe is the "import by reference" method you mentioned).

I was disappointed that the file did not come in at the same size as the Visio 
image. I imported it at 600 dpi and still had to downsize it. Once I saved it 
to PDF the quality of my text boxes were severely degraded.

Any suggestions? If I can get the quality issues solved, Visio seems much more 
friendly for this aspect of my documents (managing 2 boxes for every text frame 
sounds like a LOT of work!).

Thanks, Alison

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This may be a trivia item on the side of your main quest... but Visio
works quite well if you don't insist on using the actual Visio file.
Do a SaveAs in Visio and import the resulting file by reference -- I
usually use .png as the destination.

If you do import the Visio object, you must import it using MS OLE,
which is notoriously flakey.... I've found that it's usually not worth
the advantage of being able to edit by clicking it.


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On Wed, Aug 19, 2009 at 2:27 PM, Alison
Craig<Alison.Craig at ultrasonix.com> wrote:
> Version: FM9
> OS: XP Pro with SP3
> I am almost finished transferring my User Manuals from MS Word to FM9, 
> however, I have run into a problem with some images.
> In Word, I use Text Boxes to highlight various items in an image. Each Text 
> Box is surrounded by a border of a specific weight that sits a specific 
> distance from the actual text.
> I have not been able to achieve this effect in FM9 with Text Frames. After a 
> bit of trial and error I managed to get the side borders to sit a specific 
> distance from the text (eg, 1mm) but the text on the top always touches the 
> actual text as if it were an underline (or "overline" as it were). The 
> Paragraph style I created to use inside the Text Frame specifies the indents 
> and spacing but the text doesn't seem to obey the Above and Below Pgf 
> settings - no matter how big I make them.
> Does anyone have any suggestions for overcoming this? I have a lot of these 
> "labeled" images to handle. I just gave a quick try to create an image with 
> Visio and then import it, but Visio seems to have issues of its own.
> I can send an example image of what I am getting in FM9 as well as I what I 
> am trying for (from Word) if this would help.
> Also, is there any way to make the corners of the Text Frames rounded instead 
> of square?
> Thanks,
> Alison
> Alison Craig, Technical Writer
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