I've now spent hours scouring the list archive and reading dozens of
posts dealing with apparently the same problem as us, but none of the
workarounds and solutions work for us. ?Please allow me to expose the

We have a book containing about 500 unstructured one-page documents
which contain one table each. For information, both the documents and
the book are generated by Miramo. ?Opening the documents directly
(i.e. not via the book), we can ascertain that they really are
one-page documents.

However, on opening a file via the book (which also happens when
regenerating the book), a second page is added to the file. Although
this page could be removed manually (special > delete page) and would
not re-appear after another regeneration, given the sheer number of
files this is not an option.

These are our settings:
- next available page is applied to all document via the book-level
pagination command
- double-sided pagination
- all files use the standard left/right masterpages
- on save or print: delete empty pages

We're using FrameMaker 8.


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