So the other thread in the previous messages was that Adobe provides free
installation support...
What did they say when you called?

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On Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 9:54 AM, Chris Despopoulos <
despopoulos_chriss at> wrote:

> Just a report of the situation...  The script didn't work.  Acrobat still
> expects a serial number, and won't accept my TCS serial number.  One more
> hour down the drain.
> I rebooted three times to try all the suggested fixes in the script.  The
> third run (using the 0 option) is supposed to remove the license file -- I
> would have expected to need to enter my serial number again for running any
> TCS products, but that didn't happen -- Maker runs the same as usual, and
> Acrobat still wants a number.  I have no idea what the script did -- for all
> I know it installed something I don't want, or modified my registry in some
> way I don't want.  But I trusted it anyway -- to no avail.  Adobe, please
> take note...  Explaining what the script does would comfort your customers.
> I suspect the licensing doesn't think my Acrobat installation is part of my
> TCS installation.  I will try removing all of TCS, then re-installing and
> setting the serial number yet again.  My fear is that *nothig* will work
> after I do that.  Yes, tech support is free for licensing issues.  Well, not
> free if you consider the time spent.  What does it mean when the cost to
> install the product is as great as the cost to purchase it?
> Sigh...  I have to start actually gaining a living with my time now...
> cud
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> First, the license utility to which I posted the URL is supposed to work as
> a kind of swiss army knife for licensing -- it's supposed to check all
> parameters, not just the temp license. So I'd go ahead and run it to see if
> it fixes the problem. If it doesn't work, at least you tried the public fix.
> Also, Adobe provides free tech support for all installation issues, and
> this is certainly an installation issue. Yes, you have to go through phone
> hell to get support, but they usually keep working on an issue until it's
> resolved.
> And for Chris's problem, Adobe also says very plainly that you can't have
> ANY previous distiller versions on a system with any version of Acrobat. So
> if you still have Maker or other components on your system, as you imply,
> you may have diagnosed the problem yourself...
> Art
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> On Thu, Dec 17, 2009 at 7:40 AM, Chris Despopoulos <
> despopoulos_chriss at> wrote:
>> I have the same problem, only with Acrobat.  So far I've just been using
>> everything but Acrobat, and not generating PDFs.  Thank goodness for Reader
>> and older versions of Maker.  I haven't had the courage to try un-installing
>> all the products and installing again.  Somehow I doubt I'll ever have a
>> fully capable TS2 on my system.  I certainly don't want to throw away many
>> hours of time wrestling with this problem, considering it's like throwing
>> money away...  I'm sure I've spent 10 hours already, which is approaching
>> the cost of the product!
>> Any help or advice around this issue would be greatly appreciated!
>> cud
>> ****************************
>> I have a fully licensed version of TCS2 on my laptop. I first installed it
>> as the trial version, then entered my serial number when I got it.
>> I've not had any issues with testing out RH and FM, but I notice now when
>> I
>> open Distiller, I'm being asked for a serial number. I'm able to open all
>> other parts of TCS 2, including RH, FM, Acrobat (not Distiller),
>> PhotoShop,
>> and Captivate. These all recognize that I've already entered a serial
>> number. Only Distiller does not.
>> I understand that the problems I've heard about started with licensing
>> issues with Acrobat. I've also heard that some of the solutions to this
>> problem cause more problems.
>> Does anyone know of a script that will fix this licensing issue with
>> Distiller and not hose up my TCS 2 installation and my laptop?
>> ****************************
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