Btw, something like this also happens when I do Gmail in IE7 on my T30
laptop (1.8GHz but 7 years old),
but with Chrome it's fine.

>> Buy a new computer?Is there really much faster out there than a ~3GHz.

>> Add some RAM?
For point actions like jumping from one word to another, I don't really
think it's a RAM issue.

>> If you have DDR*2* RAM in your computer, additional RAM is very cheap.
My RAM is more expensive. But, as above, I don't really think it's a RAM

>> How much RAM do you have?

>> How much free disk space on the C drive?

>> What operating system are you running?
Windows XP Home

>> Do your files contain graphics that have been copied into the Frame
files, or are they imported by reference?
Not my document. Haven't a clue. From what I see at this company, I think
they are all external linked.
But again, it's FM8 that's slow. FM7.2 is fine, on this machine (I tried the
FM7.2 demo, and then after a couple of hour's work realized it didn't save

>> In my opinion, there's nothing in this world beats a '52 Vincent and a
redheaded girl." -- Richard Thompson
Yes, my wife's redheaded. Is that supposed to make FM run faster? (Don't
know what a Vincent is.)

>> Same thing happens to me with FM 8..when the Hypertext dialog box is
Hypertext dialog box is not open.
But that's an idea, maybe I should close some things, other FM dial boxes,
background apps.

Tnx for the responses,


On Mon, Jan 19, 2009 at 7:31 PM, Avraham Makeler <amakeler at> wrote:

> Hi all,
> FM8 seems to be sluggish on my PC. I mean trivial cursor tasks like jumping
> the cursor from one word to another or selecting text. My PC is a 2.8 GHz
> Pentium IV (full architecture) and it is really fast and great for
> everything else.
> FM7.2 is much more snappy on my PC.
> Has anybody else noticed this about FM8?
> Is there something I can to do to speed things up? Like disable some mode
> or something?
> - avi

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