> I often have lots of dialog boxes open (e.g. paragraph/character
designer, marker window), and I do not notice anything special.
Specifically jumping around with the
insertion mark or selecting text is fast.

> I have FM 8.0p277, 1 GB RAM, Windows 2000 Professional.

> Therefore I do not think that dialog boxes in general cause problems.

Hmmm ... I would suggest doing some testing to see if you see what I
just saw ... I decided to try to duplicate what I was reading here. I
have a fast Windows laptop and tested moving around a document with the
arrow keys with, and without, the designer boxes open.

Running FrameMaker 8, latest patch, on (recently loaded) Vista 32bit on
a Dell Latitude 820 laptop, with a 2.16GHz Core Duo proc, 2GB of memory,
fast 7200rpm drive.

My results *definitely* confirmed that the cursor movement with the
arrows is MUCH faster with the designer boxes not visible. Since I have
a fast computer, I had only seen a bit of sluggishness in the past (I
keep the Paragraph, Character and Table designer boxes open), but did
not bother to track it down. However, the difference is sufficiently
dramatic that I now plan to work with the designer dialog boxes closed!
Not my preferred mode, fwiw, so I hope Adobe improves this issue.

I attribute this sluggishness to the continuous "check and show the
paragraph and character information" in the designer dialog boxes while
the cursor is being moved around with the arrow keys - something needs
to be speeded up here for sure!

Thanks for this thread, folks!


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