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> My results *definitely* confirmed that the cursor movement with the
> arrows is MUCH faster with the designer boxes not visible. Since I
> a fast computer, I had only seen a bit of sluggishness in the past (I
> keep the Paragraph, Character and Table designer boxes open), but did
> not bother to track it down. However, the difference is sufficiently
> dramatic that I now plan to work with the designer dialog boxes
> Not my preferred mode, fwiw, so I hope Adobe improves this issue.
> I attribute this sluggishness to the continuous "check and show the
> paragraph and character information" in the designer dialog boxes
> the cursor is being moved around with the arrow keys - something needs
> to be speeded up here for sure!

Your explanation makes sense, and suggests that the degree of slowdown
will depend on how many different pgf and char tags the cursor moves
through. There's a lot of information displayed in the Designer dialogs,
and if it changes every few characters or lines... 

But what I don't understand is why so many Framers are saying they work
with some or all of the Designer dialogs open. Why? Are you all creating
new formats on the fly, continually as you write?? 

I don't design formats while authoring docs. So, with rare and brief
exceptions, the only time I have the Designer dialogs open is when I'm
creating or modifying a template. 

Whatever. The new interface in FM9 will let you set up your workspace
umpteen different ways and let you switch among them as you please. 

I'll be spending most of my time in Authoring mode, though. 


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