Hi, Rick.

In the recent past, after I upgraded to Vista, I examined the actual
physical (i.e., not paged to disk) memory being used while I have had
some large FM documents open, and that was not an issue, as far as I
could tell.

However, I was thinking of bumping the memory up anyway, so I will try
that as an option and also see if it has any effect on the issue
described below - the local Fry's Electronics is having a sale on
notebook memory: 4GB for $35 plus tax right now. Not bad at all!


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Hi Syed,

2GB of memory is not much for Vista. I would suggest at least 3GB.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing Inc

> Hmmm ... I would suggest doing some testing to see if you see what I
> just saw ... I decided to try to duplicate what I was reading here. I
> have a fast Windows laptop and tested moving around a document with
> arrow keys with, and without, the designer boxes open.
> Running FrameMaker 8, latest patch, on (recently loaded) Vista 32bit
> a Dell Latitude 820 laptop, with a 2.16GHz Core Duo proc, 2GB of
> fast 7200rpm drive.
> My results *definitely* confirmed that the cursor movement with the
> arrows is MUCH faster with the designer boxes not visible. Since I
> a fast computer, I had only seen a bit of sluggishness in the past (I
> keep the Paragraph, Character and Table designer boxes open), but did
> not bother to track it down. However, the difference is sufficiently
> dramatic that I now plan to work with the designer dialog boxes
> Not my preferred mode, fwiw, so I hope Adobe improves this issue.
> I attribute this sluggishness to the continuous "check and show the
> paragraph and character information" in the designer dialog boxes
> the cursor is being moved around with the arrow keys - something needs
> to be speeded up here for sure!
> Thanks for this thread, folks!
> Z

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