One issue that came up during beta testing was the paragraph sort order.
Some of you may have noticed that it changed in one of the FM8 patches.
Many of us created templates that had style names in a particular order
so that we could make easy use of keyboard shortcuts.

Prior to FM8p277, these two styles would sort in this order:


In FM8p277 and on, they sorted in this order (the underscore came at the
*end* of the sort list, instead of at the beginning):


In FM9, the catalog sort order can be controlled in two ways through a
flag in maker.ini. The default behavior continues to what was introduced
with 8.0 p277 onwards but the old behavior can be achieved by toggling
this flag.

This can be done by switching  the setting using
"SymbolSortingBeforeAlphaNumeric=On" in the maker.ini file.


You will notice that the F8 and F9 shortcuts DO NOT work the same as
previous versions. If you press F8 or F9, and then a letter or number,
you will go to the first style that starts with that character. In the
following example, pressing "b" would take you to the b1_body style.
However, previously I could press "b3" to select the b3_bullet1 style.
Now you either have to press  "b" three times, or press "b" and then the
down arrow twice to get to the b3 style.


You may or may not find this inconvenient. In our case, this reduced
functionality has basically rendered the keyboard shortcuts useless for
many styles. To get to the c7 style, I'd have to press c seven times, or
c once and the down arrow six times. I might as well use the mouse at
that point. (If you find this intolerable, please let Adobe know. Now
that the release is out, perhaps they can go back and address this
problem and fix it in a patch release.)

OTHERWISE, I find most of the improvements to be quite nice, and most
Framers will be quite comfortable with the new features in a short time.


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