> 2. It seems very clicky, I am hoping the keyboard commands have not  
> been lost or changed excessively. One of the min reasons I use FM is  
> through having the ability to virtually leave the mouse alone while  
> chunking through a 600-odd page book.

I hope that FM9 will meet your needs. I also fear that it won't.

Several of the alpha- and beta-testers, including me, made the point about how 
vital shortcut keys like Ctrl-8/F8 and Ctrl-9/F9 were to the way we work. We 
made the point repeatedly, after several builds, and strongly.

Whether or not the developers actually listened to us in the final build, I do 
not know. I haven't seen it yet. I am waiting eagerly to find out. Perhaps 
someone could test out the free trial download and let us know? (I couldn't get 
the download to work for me yesterday.)

Doug Cuff

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