On 22/01/2009, at 8:16 AM, Martinek, Carla wrote:

> Please, file your comments with Adobe. Let them know that YOU find  
> this
> a deal-breaker, and why.

Where? But as I said, whistling in the wind...

> Now, all that said, a couple of the beta testers who write  
> FrameScripts
> said they could probably come up with a script to solve this issue.  
> I'd
> certainly pay for the script if they do.

That would mean buying the scripts, buying FrameScript to run them  
when this functionality should be a core part of the application. Just  
being an independent means I don't a lot of money to chuck at filling  
holes the developers have exposed simply because they wanted to add  
more 'features'.

Gotta say, I am starting to look at other applications. Building a  
class file in LaTeX would be as time consuming, and in the end  
possible productive.


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