On 22 Jan 2009, at 9:55 AM, Art Campbell wrote:

> If it's hardware based, like how to install something -- either  
> computer or,
> say, room lights, I'd expect it to be printed.

Just a few days ago, my MacBook Pro wouldn't finish booting.  
Fortunately, I had previously installed Applejack, printed the brief  
version of its instructions, and taped it to my desk. Thus I was able  
to quickly run it and fix the problem (a corrupted startup plist file).

For products not related to getting the computer working, my first  
preference is professionally printed and bound documentation that I  
can leaf through.

My second preference is a PDF on my machine, with a link to updated  
information online. Purely online documentation depends on having Web  
access, which isn't always available when traveling, in meetings, etc.

Last choice is self-printed pages, which I find less handy to use than  
professional publications.

Ed Rush, Boise, Idaho
ed at edrene.us

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