Mike Wickham wrote:

> Lea,
> Line-art drawings are vector art. Adobe Illustrator is probably the favorite 
> program there, but there are similar programs. Just this week, someone 
> posted a link to a very cheap version of Xara Extreme, but you'd have to 
> hunt the archives for the link.

Here's what I posted:

If you have a requirement to create illustrations but don't want to 
shell out megabucks for the big name programs, take a look at


I've been using Xara for several years, and find it to be a fantastic 
value (even having paid full price).  The offer above is for the 
previous version, for only $19, available till the end of the month. You 
won't believe what this product can do.

(No commercial interest in the company, just a very satisfied user.)

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