I saw this question in light different from replies so far. I rely on
FrameMaker itself for 2D drawings. Is this possibly overlooked? I am unaware
of better graphics tools for many purposes. I followed the thread hoping to
see remarks on progress with the FrameMaker tools in newer versions. v5.5.6
is good enough for what I do as a construction contractor, I think. But, I
try to understand what I might be missing without upgrades.
Among other tasks, I draw objects onto photos, often from Snagit capture of
satellite images, Google Maps, or city databases. I like having drawings
live within my FrameMaker documents (bids, contracts and more).

I don't find comparable tools in InDesign or any other Adobe software.

Do we have anything to discuss about evolution of the FrameMaker graphics

I am a loyal List follower, but very rarely post. I hope this comes up ok.

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