Mike Wickham wrote:

> SnagIt is probably the far and away favorite for capturing screenshots. It's 
> very powerful and inexpensive. In Windows, you can also use the Print Screen 
> key on your keyboard. It captures the whole screen. Then you open a new file 
> in Photoshop and hit Ctrl-V to paste the capture into Photoshop. You then 
> will have to crop out the part of the view that you don't want. Then save 
> the file. If you rarely need screen captures, this is enough. 

To capture just the active window, use Alt + Print Screen.

If you do it
> often, SnagIt lets you point to a window and it can capture only the window. 

... or a region of the window, or a menu and submenus, or a scrolling 
window, etc.  (As you said, very powerful.)  It also comes with the 
Studio program that let's you edit, crop, add shadows, callouts, 
torn-edge effects, etc.

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