Howard said: "let's make sure it deals with the use of FrameMaker"

Gosh, I like that!


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> Date: Sunday, January 25, 2009, 9:36 AM
> One of the qualities of this list that I have always
> considered important was that it was devoted to the best
> ways for using?FrameMaker whether for solving problems or
> evaluating its use.?I have subscribed to other lists and
> discontinued them because so many of the participants were
> pushing their own personal agendas (I call them
> "whiners") as opposed to the purpose of the list.
> I have personally noted that a few have been pursuing the
> green agenda as of late (myself included) whether pro-green
> or anti-green. The questionnaire about printing user manuals
> itself promoted?neither agenda, but (1) it has promoted a
> good deal of controversial responses on both sides of the
> green issue and (2) it was not really a FrameMaker issue.
> My point is this: When any of us submit anything to the
> FrameMaker list, let's make sure it deals with the use
> of FrameMaker and not with personal issues.
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