I don't think you need scripts or FDK clients.  Can't you just find/change on 
the book?  Of course, I forget the find char sequence for a Shift-Return, but 
I'm fairly sure it exists...  (I always like to advocate the low-tech solution 
if at all possible.)  


Lynne Price says...
   Structured documents give you much more control of FrameMaker XML output 
than do unstructured documents. If you must stick with an unstructured 
approach, I recommend globally replacing the forced return with a 
recognizable string (e.g., "FORCED RETURN" or even the HTML "<br>" that you 
probably eventually want) that will not otherwise occur in your documents 
before generating the XML. You can use an FDK client or FrameScript to make 
this change in a temporary copy of the documents. Your HTML generator can 
look for this string and process it appropriately.

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